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Blue Foundation Boot Bag


£16.00 £11.20

Guard your boots with Hummel's Foundation Bootbag. Crafted with durability in mind, it offers a compact yet spacious design, ensuring your footwear stays pristine and ready for action. Travel, store, and showcase with grace. 🥾🎒 #FoundationForYourFeet.

Who will use it?

Beginners and novices:

This bag is ideal for beginners and novices who want to have their own football boots and keep them clean and organized. It can help them transport and store their boots easily and safely. It can also help them avoid mixing up their boots with others.

Intermediate players:

This bag is suitable for intermediate players who want to play with different types of football boots and match them with their outfits. It can help them switch and access their boots quickly and conveniently. It can also help them protect their boots from damage and wear.

Experienced athletes:

This bag is also great for experienced athletes who want to train and compete with multiple pairs of football boots and maintain their quality. It can help them carry and distribute their boots efficiently and effectively. It can also help them clean and ventilate their boots after use.


100% Polyester

Wash Care

Wipe clean only